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The Art Studio in Corvallis. 

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Shows and Displays in Corvallis, OR and out of State.

Yes, here are a few of the organizations:

  • American Association of University Women
  • CASA
  • Community Alliance for Diversity
  • Corvallis Half Marathon 
  • Corvallis School District 
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Teachers Honorary
  • Girl Scouts
  • Hospice
  • Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honorary
  • Rotary
  • United Way
  • 509J School District Foundation

This depends on the materials, the size of the artwork, the complexity, etc. Frequently artists will think about the artwork before they start making it and will also pause for various lengths of time while they are working on it. Consequently it’s difficult, if not impossible to say how long it takes to finish the work. Sometimes artists rework art that has previously been considered finished. 

Yes! Many artworks do not require expert skills such as figure drawing. Skill at art making is related to practice. The more you practice a given skill set, the easier it becomes. It’s kind of like practicing the piano to play a concerto or even a song. the more you practice, the closer it is possible to get to the goal! In the case of art making, the journey itself is very interesting! Mistakes can lead to new discoveries.

Want to learn more about art?

Regular art discussions occur at her studio that are free and open to the
public. Adults interested in art, who are making art or not, can see films,
participate in discussions on great art and artists.

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