Mixed Media


Paint, Ink and Graphite on two part Wood Panels, h 16” x w 12”.

Red Base Tree

Mixed media;  two sided panel of burned tree on one side and self-portrait catching my son in a burned forest on the other side; graphite, charcoal, ink & acrylic on board, h 14” x w 7” x d 3”.

Pocket Red Paper

Painting, Mixed Media, Wood, Recycled Chopsticks on Side of Pocket, Recycled Painted Panel, Red Pamphlet with Information on Fires and Climate Change in Wood Pocket, h 14″ x w 11″ x d 3″.

Corner Office Cigar Box

Wood, Velvet, Plexiglass, Metal, Paper, h 7″ x w 6.5″ x d 4.5″ (closed), h 7″ x w 6.5″ x d 10.5″ (open) includes office language.

Portable Art Show with detail

Kodalith, Blueprint, Goldleaf, Wood, Plastic, Metal, Paint; Three Sections, h 6″ x w 12″ x d 1″
Portable Art Showis made up of aerial photographs, drawings and painting in a foldable, movable artwork.

Marathon Map with Insole

Mixed media; wood, acrylic paint, rubber, mounted neoprene insole worn at a marathon, h 28″ x w 15″.

Forest Runner

Acrylic and Seed Pods on Canvas with Shells and Sticks, h 16″ x w 12″.

Junk Miles on Junk Mail

String, Graphite, Acrylic on Junk Mail, depicts three runners painted and drawn on junk mail, using and reusing their energy as they run “junk miles” for training mileage. “Junk miles” is a distance running term referring to the mileage accumulated during a week while running at a moderate pace, h 9” x w 6″.


Mixed Media, Shredded Canvas, Wood, Pistol, Paint, Graphite, .38 Starting Pistol, h 72″ x w 51″.
In “Starter”, shredded canvas is used metaphorically as”shredding up the track” and using up energy. Hurdles in one lane depict unfair competition for one runner.

Track Runner

Acrylic, Graphite and String on Canvas.

Two Runners

String, Acrylic and Graphite on Junk Mail, h 9″ x w 6″.


3-D paint, ink, graphite, paper, wood, cloth depicting clothing and plant material, h 13 ½“ x w 13 ½“.

History of Photography and Details

Antique through modern photographs, paint, graphite, pastels. Round shapes mimic 35mm sprockets, h 49” x w 41”. Includes entire image plus two details.

91 Snow Cones

Paper Snow Cones, Acrylic, Graphite, Paper on Board, h 48″ x w 24″.


Pastel on Paper, h 31″ x w 38″.

Most Beautiful

Ink, Paint, Graphite on Paper, h 27″ x w 40″.