Bent and Unbroken

Oil on canvas, h 16″ x w 26″.

Convex to Flat

Acrylic on paper, mounted to convex panels, h 12″ x w 23″ x d 2″.

In the Garden

Oil on canvas, H 3′ x W 9‘ (3 panels, each panel 3’ x 3’).

Turquoise Red Runner

Acrylic on canvas, shredded canvas from the side of the canvas placed on the canvas surface, h 16″ x w 12″, “Turquoise Red Runner” utilizes a mock track surface of shredded canvas to depict added resistance to the runner.
It also uses up the canvas edge to make the work similar to runners using up their energy stores for an event.

Track Runner

Acrylic, Graphite and String on Canvas.


Oil on paper, h 28″ x w 42″.


Ink and acrylic on paper, h 27″ x w 39″.

Night Garden

Oil on canvas, h 24″ x w 26″

The Piano Player

Oil on Paper, h 33″ x w 41″.

Blue man

Oil on canvas, h 30″ x w 30″.

Colorful Self-Reflection

Oil on Canvas, Self Portrait, h 12″ x w 9.5″

Self Portrait with Black Eye

Oil on canvas, 28 x 22 inches.

In Rough Waters

Oil on Paper, h 32″ x w 40″.