Crop Rotation

Mixed Media Interactive Sculpture; Metal, Kodalith, Acrylic, Wood, h 19″ x w 14″ x d 12″. Viewer can turn the picture by turning the handle. This shows the natural change of angles and perspective that occur in a cyclical system.  


The work is comprised from photographs of land looking down from an airplane.  I then manipulated the pictures with collage and drawing before making a Kodalith. Viewers can then further the manipulation of perspective by  turning the handle repeatedly. 

Eight Runners

Interactive Steel Sculpture with posable figures that can be moved by viewers, steel on steel, h 18″ x w 24″.

Make Your Own Tsunami

Mixed Media Interactive Sculpture with several interchangeable plates with painting of tsunamis or word phrases; Wood, Lens, Metal, Painting, Acrylic, Paper, Mirrors, h 24” x w 28” x d 42”.

Marathon Water Station

Welded steel, interactive removable cups, h 9″ x w 20.25″ x d 5″.

Running Leg

Layers of welded steel mimicking a topographical map and a leg in motion, h 12″ x w 9½” x d 6″.

Self-Portrait with Cane and Dysfunctional Wheelchair

Mixed media; wood, wheelchair wheels, cane, rubber, uncomfortable wheelchair with my wheelchair wheels raised off the floor and my cane balanced on the seat rendering the wheelchair dysfunctional, h 50” x w 40” x d 45”.

Shoe Print

– Detail of 43 ft sculpture

Welded Steel, The print shows the wear pattern on the sole of the running shoe, h 12″ x w 4″ x d  2½“.

Clay Runner

Salt fired clay sculpture, h 10″ x w 8″ x d 7″.

Threatening and Dangerous Canes

Nerf Rocket Cane, Cane with Nerf Rockets, Rocket Launcher, Metal, Plastic, Rubber, C02 Cartridge, h 38″ x w 12″

Blow Torch Cane,  Cane, Blow Torch, h 38″ x w 8″

Heat Gun Cane, Cane, Heat Gun, h 38″ x w 8″

Hook Cane, Cane, Gaff Hook, Rubber Ball, h 42″ x w 6″

Snack Tray Cane, Metal, Rubber, Plastic, Oreos™,  and Cane, h 38″ x w 8″

We Care for You Wingman

Wood, Velvet, Plexiglass, Metal, Paper, h 6.5″ x w 5″ x d 4.25″.

Make Something of It with detail

Mixed Media, Plastic, Metal and Hand-Carved Wood, reel w 9¼” x h 1″, crochet hook 16¾” long.


Mixed Media, Plastic, Electrical Wire, Cardboard, Electrical Tape, h 8″ x w 20½” x 1″.